Who am I? No, really!

One of my real life 3D friends asked, the other day, if I am the girl who is "Ani Raye" on this blog. More specifically, he said "Man, I don't recognize you on that thing!", to which I replied, sort of glumly, "Yeah, I guess not". Then I thought I'd write this post, you know, so people are a little more aware of who I am. I sound like a terrorist or something.
SO here are some random facts about me:

1) My name. 
It's Varsha Dinesh, no middle name because I'm Hindu. A little hard to remember, so I chose the pseudonym Ani Raye. It just happened, because Ani is a character of mine, she's sort of me anyway so I'm not pretending.

2) What I do. 
Yes, I crib about this one a lot. I'm an Electronics and Communication student at Kerala University- but of course, my passion for circuits die beyond how pretty they look with bulbs in between. I basically live to write, read and digitally master pictures.

3) Where I live. 
I live in Trivandrum, Kerala. This is the district that is at the tip of India, nearer to Sri Lanka. It's green. Very, very green. Our sobriquet is "God's own country". We have a ton of coconut trees, backwaters, lush forests, rain. Lots of rain. In fact, it's pouring buckets right now.

4) Stuff I like. 
Easy- books, books, books. And also digital art, photoshopping, music. I'm a violin player and a singer of carnatic classical music. Slightly obsessed with tattoos- but won't get one. Pierced ears, want to pierce them once more. Love long earrings, hate the glittery type. Don't eat much, but look at how much I weigh. Sheesh.
Love the rain.
Love my room- which is always cold.
Love the house and the beautiful, beautiful front garden. My father's a genius.
Love the way we always seem to be laughing inside the house. God, I love my parents.

5) People in my life.
 Dad, Mom, brother- the pillars I lean on. My two best friends: Shruthi Shyam and Joohi Sakker, who also double as my worst critics and muses. Grandparents- three of them. Wonderful, wonderful memories of the fourth who left us last year. College friends- too many to name, all loved equally.

6) Pet Peeves.
Praise- I get embarrassed. Terribly. And blush...a lot.
Long-haired guys. No matter what you people say- I can't stand them! Unless they're about as good looking with it as maybe Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings.
Bollywood songs. Most of the time, they annoy me. I prefer Malayalam music.
Bollywood films. Ditto as above. If you want to watch Indian movies, I suggest you go for either Tamil or Malayalam. Bollywood was good before, now it has no substance, only flashy Shielas and flamboyancy.
Hypocrites. Take them away, take them away!
Shallow people. There's no fun in speaking only about boys and clothes, all the time. My best friends and I can talk for hours without mentioning either.

More to come!


  1. I will add to your list of peeves with one of my own....LIARS! Have no time for them. At all.

    Fun post


  2. That is so true. I don't get liars either, especially when they're lying about really stupid, trivial things where the line between truth and lie doesn't even matter! Thanks for commenting :)


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