Back. With something Like a Blast.

I am BACK! Hi, faithful followers....sorry for that unexplained weeks long hiatus...
I had my university exams, which equates with THE WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE. Honestly. I couldn't do a single thing I like doing, and all my days were occupied with cramming, cramming and more cramming. I crashed and burned through most of the exams but I guess I'll pass for everything. Except maybe Electrical Engineering, in which I messed up, like big time.
SO quick updates on my life:
1) I GOT A LAPTOP!!! Woo hoo!! It was a birthday gift from my grandma and my parents...a gorgeous silver Toshiba I stare at all the time. It's awesome. No more fighting with my brother over who gets the computer.
2) Painted the house. Blue and green for the bedrooms, very very bright. Had a lot of fun and ruined about four of my good dresses.
3) Exams. Hate them, but love crashing through them with friends. My friends rule the universe.
4) Read a lot of books on my phone during the exams. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion and Before I Go To Sleep by S. J Watson tops this list.
5) Plots, plots PLOTS! I have a ten thousand of them in my head, on notepaper, and on my laptop. What do I get around to writing? I have NO IDEA!
 (I am gushing like this because I'm so happy my exams are done)
6) New obsessions.
Obsession 1: Hoodies.
Obsession 2: my laptop
Obsession 3: tiny earrings. (I do have pierced ears)
Obsession 4: monster bikes.
Obsession 5: eyebrow piercings. Not on me, on other people.
7) Artwork! Yup, I have a request from a book publisher, a new non-paranormal young adult book which needs a nice cover. Working on that.

So what have you all been upto??


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