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The Orange Door- part 2

So far: Ani Raye has been asked to appear for an appointment at her principal's office. This is a strange request and she finds herself wondering what could possibly await her behind his orange door.

‘Yin very quiet; Yang wants to know why’ Khyran slipped into the empty chair in front of me and smiled his fey smile I figured I could identify from a thousand other smiles all mashed together into a melded mess. ‘Yin unhappy, don’t want you, go the hell away’ I countered, with a weak-hearted attempt at sounding annoyed at him. I just sounded pathetic. Annoyed at myself, I scratched my pointy nail against the faux wood table, carving patterns into it. He sat back in his chair, smiling, the very essence of Yang as they taught us long back in the Grade B Ancient Philosophy class- male and light and active, a thing of the azure sky, of celestial origin. I sulked at him, feeling quite the essence of Yin- female, dark and earthly…not to mention extremely pissed off at the world, which the anci…


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Pages Description- Author's Note

Before Orange Door part 2 comes up let me direct your attention to the Pages tab.
Here there are a few pages. Although Ani explains most of the terms in her story, she does live in a different world and thus some of the stuff she says can be difficult. In the page EXPLORING ANI"S WORLD, you can read more about some of the stranger stuff in Ani's world. In the page BACKSTORY, I talk about the Creation and Chronology of Events that occurred which led to Ani's world being as it is. In the GALLERY, the most fun part according to me, you will find artworks, maps and other details so you can see Ani's world the way I see it.
I hope this doesn't distract anyone.
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The Orange Door- part 1

This is my world, encompassed in four walls that held me and two hundred other kids inside a sprawling fifty-acre plot. Here, bloody fights and bloodier gang brawls were as common as the rising sun.  I could navigate with ease the cobbled pathways worn to rubble by pounding feet even blindfolded.  I knew every stone of the walkway leading to the cliff just past the wall; the memories of hatred and love and fighting and passion etched into each one like a permanent tattoo. The tall and torturous climbing wall, the fake war zones, the bright classrooms, the arena with its adrenaline rushes….everything was as by-heart to me as the back of my own hand. Lots of random facts about the School was loaded into me, too- like the fact that the Trainers are hard-assed jerks; or that you could always predict the weather for the day if you knew the sea well enough to look from the cliff and make out the subtle changes in it; or that below the solitary cedar at the far end of the campus was the best…