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Art website launch bash!

The art website is here! (CLICK)
Still half under construction, but you should be able to see a cool slideshow of my bookcover works! If you follow both the blogs, and if you comment on this post or on the blog saying you want an art piece from me, you MAY HAVE THE CHANCE TO GET BOOK COVERS DESIGNED FOR FREE! All this month and the next!
The site is!
This blog is to reach out to the independent authors, self-published authors and ebook houses in need of low cost book cover, promotional banners and buttons design.
I design professional quality artwork for books, as well as for your websites. Design projects include those for maps (as used in fantasy novels), artistic character sketches, slides for book trailers, book covers, buttons, promotional banners, beautiful wallpapers based on your book etc.
All this for BLOODY low prices! What's more- this first month, you can get freebies from me if you're lucky! Check out the samples and then feel free to contac…

Indie Authors! Look over here!

There's a bit of ranting in the beginning but I'm going to get to the actual stuff VERY SOON.

Ah. Guess what time it is- it's STUDY HOLIDAYS again! Which means that it's VACATION. Really, who studies during study holidays? Me and my friends are utilizing it to the maximum for fun! Basically, I wake up everyday to rains (guess what ,Bella Swan? It rains more here than in Forks) and find that the road in front of my house is a little more washed away than the day before. Then I start writing, or reading. Then I sleep. I'm worse than Sid the Sloth right now. At least he does something in the time he's awake. I'm just walking in some kind of happy little daze everyday, the whole day. 

An Art Website of mine is coming up soon- and you know what, authors? I will be doing book covers and promotional images for FREE for the first month. Which means all you Indie authors who need a book cover or a promo image, buttons or template designs or jus…


Hi, followers and blogosphere!
Been a long while since I put something up here, and I apologize. I've been busy with exams and projects and other stuff...finally free! (Not really, still have more exams coming...but only next month) I'm not ready to review yet- I did read Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffeneger, The Iron Thorn by Caitlin Kitteredge, 1222 by Anne Holt and a very unhealthy large dose of Stephen King but I'm not in a reviewing mood, and anyway, my already typed reviews are all on my phone, which is not working right now.
I'm sort of having an electronics crisis with all my electronic appliances dying around me. Thank you, new followers- for following me! Yayy!

Oh. I thought I'd make a list of things done during this interval so here they are:
1) Passed all my exams (except maybe Engineering Graphics, I have a doubt there) :0

2) Successfully went on a road trip across Kerala (my home state in India), saw countless amazing temples and was inspired to writ…