Clockwork Prince- Cover...and an Excerpt!

Oh my God. This is a cover to die for.
I, as most people know, am the most incredible cynic when it comes to covers, mostly because I'm an artist myself. I find something they could have done better with every cover, but this is like....good, good God this is such a gorgeous cover.
Of course the guy on the cover has to be Jem (Who else has silver hair and that staff?) and I'm just so happy this might be a Jem book- not that I don't like Will, I am Team Will- but I love Jem too. Everything about this cover does such justice to the exoticity that Cassandra Clare brought to the character of Jem...he's so amazing in the first place, and the cover is gorgeous to the highest degree of praise. Now if the book would just release!!!

Okay, these is just the most interesting snippet from the book that Cassandra Clare gave out:

Will's voice dropped. “Everyone makes mistakes, Jem.”
“Yes,” said Jem. “You just make more of them than most people.”
“I —”
“You hurt everyone,” said Jem. “Everyone whose life you touch.”
“Not you,” Will whispered. “I hurt everyone but you. I never meant to hurt you.”
Jem put his hands up, pressing his palms against his eyes. “Will —”
“You can’t never forgive me,” Will said in disbelief, hearing the panic tinging his own voice. “I’d be —”
“Alone?” Jem lowered his hand, but he was smiling now, crookedly. “And whose fault is that?” 

OMG! What is this about? These guys fight?


  1. My guess is it's got something to do with the girl, but since it's been a year since I read the first book I couldn't tell you the name of said girl. However this looks really good.

  2. I am highly entertained by your perception of cover art. I like this one too ... its 3D sort of appeal.

  3. @ Jenn: Yeah, Tessa might be the cause...but knowing Cassandra Clare and her brilliance, I'd guess she most likely conjured up something amazing.
    @ Vamchoir: Lol. Covers and me have a grudging relationship. What a pretty cover this is, though.

  4. Is the art in the slide yours?

  5. Yes! Those are my photoshop works :)

  6. They're really good, all I can manage to do with photoshop is crop photos and fix minor photo issues. But then again I'm not all that artistic. :)


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