Yeah, the title is sort of large. Never mind. Okay, so I'm finally settling on writing just one novel and not like 30000 at the same time, and asking myself the question: Is this Dystopia? Is this, as a friend asked, surrealism? Maybe both.
I think I had too much Katniss Everdeen, way too much Stephenie Meyer and a rather unhealthy dose of Stephen King. Throw it together (in a big bowl) and you get Scatter. Not that I'm comparing myself to any of these imaginary or real people- the story is just crazy. I made a picture for it, which doesn't describe a thing about the book of course, and which is not a cover image- just a promo pic. SO, you know, I can smirk at my own eccentricities. If we're all lucky, I'll actually finish this one. :)
SO details about this book
1) It's a bit- a tiny, teeny bit- like Hunger Games, but it's not truly dystopia
2) It has two people's Point of View- POV- and basically has only two characters
3) I don't know how to bring in more characters. :0

SO what do you guys do? You guys comment. Please. Please, do comment :) Oh!! New followers...thanks people! You guys are awesome. 
(thank you nightfate stock and aurora_dreams stock on DA. I haven't put this up on DA yet because my browser sucks, but will get around to it VERY SOON!)


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