Let me Clarify

Sigh, sigh, sigh.
Exams are coming, I don't know a THING! I'm not an average student: I'm actually pretty good, and usually whole pages of awful block diagrams and methods of thermal analysis and stupid, terrible things like rotational spectroscopy should make sense to me even if I'm reading through it like a novel. Guess what? It doesn't. I CANNOT bring myself to study this...this...(okay, I will not curse but you can substitute your choicest and strongest swear word right here) 
SO, I will not be here for a week. I have to pass. I HAVE TO. (Crap)
You think being bitten by a vampire is bad? Confront yourself with the education system of Kerala and worse, the god-awful series tests the college dumps on us...and you'll take teeth in your throat any day.
SO I have a new layout for the blog : thank you cutestblogontheblock for the background- the header is my own creation. If you guys liked it leave your thoughts please!
I love this nice summery header....I have an obsession with butterflies and science fiction: both of which has representation on the new Header. It took me exactly half an hour to make it: because I clearly knew what I wanted and where I wanted each element.

Writing Now: First chapters of Unholy Flame, second part of Shaded Grey.
                     Fifth chapter of Argentum
                     Little bits and pieces of something with demons in it.
Reading Now: Nothing except Engineering Chemistry and Electronics

I thought I'd simply share a picture I made by the way, just for fun....does it mirror my feelings? :p


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