ATTENTION: The New Blog.

SO I've been keeping quiet for a while, and the reason is this : The Chemical Match series, which I'm writing, needed its own blog so I can put up all my artworks and get the news to all you blogosphere-siblings out there without crowding Shaded (as it is already crowded with all the other stuff). My followers of old should recognize that this is the project I've been keeping under wraps. 
I'm crazy because I kept writing little bits of the story here and there, but never got a plot direction (maybe because this is my first character-inspired and not plot-inspired story). Anyway now I have something infinitely cool and strange and everything else I usually love about dystopian fiction. I even have names for the three books that will be in this series (unless I change my mind and add a few more, sigh) and those are ARGENTUM, INTERIM, and MORTEM...for now, at least.
I'm already in the sixth image for the stories (I think I should be an illustrator, really) and LOVE the way some of them are turning out. And, yeah, maybe I'll actually write them fast too instead of sitting here and painting the scenes.
I'm excited. Really.
And this is the blog for the series, with it's artworks and what not and sample chapters.


  1. I am a new follower. I'll check out your new blog after work. I found you on bookblog.ning. Come check my blog out too!


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