I received the One Lovely Blog award from two people: Ottilie Weber, who is an author and owns a lovely blog herself, and Brittany who has a fantastic site too. Thanks to both of you for thinking about me and passing on this award...
I will be passing it on to 15 other people (difficult, but let's manage somehow) and the list is below. If anyone is wondering why I'm writing this way (unlike my usual gushing style) it's because I'm still down. Really down. Guess I need one of Jeeves' magic pick-me-ups or something, because I've just about been moping around for days and am feeling pathetic about myself. Ah, well. Things should work out sometime. Till then, I'll write poetry.
(If you want to check out one of my down-in-the-dumps-please-pick-me-up poem, it's over here)
Anyway, this award HAS perked me up a little and I thank the two great bloggers who thought of me. I love you guys.
You have to thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
You have to pass this to 15 other people. Don't think bad of me because I'm not passing to 15 people. I found 8 so far, and I will find the other 7 very soon. I'm just getting a really awful headache. Sorry.
The  people I'm passing this to:

1) Twilight and Other Dreams
2)Beyond Twilight
3)Universe in Words
4)Paperback Treasures
5)Beyond the Bookshelf
6)Ezine of A Random Girl
7)From the Trees
8. The Story of my life


  1. I just got this award from someone else last week, so I'm not going to pass it on again, but thank you! And congrats!

    Hannah (Paperback Treasures)

  2. Aw i hope you get in a better mood soon!!

  3. Hi, there! Thank you so much for giving me this award!! I feel very honored, because it's coming from someone who has a VERY lovely blog herself!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog header!!!!! It's SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVED the previous one, too, but this one is equally awesome! I'm SO glad you didn't use that green one you showed on your blog, some time back. This one is much, much BETTER!!!! YAY!!!

    Also, I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling down. I hope you cheer up, especially after reading this comment. I know what it's like to feel down. I get those moods, too, pretty often, let me tell you. I think it's the price of creativity... the more creative a person is, the more sensitive they are to other people's moods, to negative events, as well as, of course, to the beauty all around, the love of others....but I do hope you start to feel better soon!

    You know what I do a lot of times, when I'm feeling down? I buy a book, or books! Of course, I also buy books when I'm NOT feeling down. I guess I don't need much of an excuse to buy a But I have bought a lot of the ones in my collection during "down times". So I have quite a large collection now, which means I have felt sad pretty often in my life...

    Now that I have a blog, that does help me to feel more cheerful.

    Wow...I'd better stop, or this will turn into the first chapter of a book! Lol!

    Anyway, I just want you to know that I LOVE your header, I LOVE your blog, and oh! I LOVE your other blog, too!

    Thanks again for the award, and FEEL BETTER SOON -- we need more of your wonderful creativity!!! :)

  4. Oh, gosh! I forgot to congratulate you on getting this award yourself!! So....


  5. @Ottilie: Thanks. i hope so too
    @Maria: Hehe! Thanks, it was a serendipitous header. And you're welcome for the award :)I love your comment too :):) Thanks!

  6. You're very welcome! And thank you also for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my review of "Marked", by P.C. and Kristin Cast. I re-considered my rating, and have now given the book three stars. I also revised it, adding a new paragraph on Zoey.

    I hope you're feeling better by now!

    I will write a post about the award as soon as I can, by the way. I just need to find at least five blogs to pass it on to.

    Thanks again for your comment!!

  7. Oops! I re-read my previous comment, and I see that it sounds as though I have revised the book! Lol. I meant that I had revised the review, of course. You know, the brain is faster than the keyboard.....Hee, hee!

  8. @Maria : lol...true! I'm much better now. Everything sorted itself pretty well and right now I'm having holidays (my teachers are on strike regarding some clash with the university management...haha!) so more time to sit and think through and calm myself down. And of course! More time to write.
    I'm in love with time.


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