Guest Post: Prophecy Girl

I'm taking a minute to breathe here, and announce before we go into the guest post that I'm so very very sorry for all the erratic posting that's been happening on the blog. There's just too much going on in my life! Add to that finals-related stress, and I'm like a zombie with a polka-dotted headband, shuffling around the house in pajamas the whole day.
(Plus Jeremy Carver is killing me with Supernatural Season 8, dammit)
This is the last post for the year, guys and girls. I'll be back new year with a new design and other stuff.
But wait!
Today we have Faith McKay, author of Prophecy Girl, doing a guest post for us!
Welcome, Faith!
On to the guest post!

Ten Facts You Didn't Know About Prophecy Girl

+ Every character in this novel has at least one nickname, though only some of them are mentioned in Prophecy Girl.

+ The working title for many years was NEXT SERVICES, because of a sign in the valley that reads Next Services: 74 Miles. The scene including the sign happened to be one of the first things I wrote, so it just stuck.

+ My husband actually came up with the title Prophecy Girl, and he only did so once I was already completely done with the novel.

+ The next time Sam goes on a date, she's supposed to be dumping a body. Uhh, book two, anyone?

+ The main character, Sam, is a vegetarian.
+ I compiled playlists to the next books in Lacuna Valley to organize my plots.

+ Lacuna Valley is a fictional place, but it was based on a real place where I actually once lived. It was an isolated valley, it was an hour long drive to the nearest stoplight, and it was a western themed town. There just wasn't anything supernatural living there, that I know about at least.
+ There is a bullying sub-plot. It was based on my own horrifying high school experiences.

+ I wrote four completely different versions of both the beginning and ending.

+ Nick's sunglasses are one of my favorite things in Prophecy Girl and helped make Nick real to me. I have a thing for sunglasses myself, and have a few pairs mentioned in the book.

Here's a synopsis of Prophecy Girl. It looks terrific!

Ever since Samantha Winthrop's mother moved them to Lacuna Valley, supposedly in search of better weather, the list of strange questions she has no answers for has been growing out of control.

Does her little sister, Violet, have the ability to make things happen just by "praying" for them? Are Sam's dreams really predicting the future? Is she destined to marry the boy she just met, and what is the mysterious orb that he's guarding? Why does she get the impression that there are dangerous creatures watching from the woods?
While Sam should be focusing on answering those questions, there is one other that makes them seem almost irrelevant: Is her mother planning on killing her and Violet?


Faith McKay writes stories about characters with real world struggles in otherworldly settings. She is the author of PROPHECY GIRL, a story where characters struggle with the idea of having a destiny. In comparison, she feels really lucky that her destiny was to struggle with comma placement and be that awkward lady who points out puns at parties.

Other things to know about Faith… She wears two different colored shoes. She is a survivor of child abuse. She has lived with chronic illness for over a decade. A lot of people don't like her because she laughs too much. It's also the reason a lot of other people do like her, so go figure. She listens to more music than people are probably supposed to. She's a nomad. The word sounds really cool, so a lot of people say it, but she actually lives in an RV with her husband and their pet bunny rabbit, Dorian Gray.


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