Grab the new Button! (And Important Announcement)

Yay, I always wanted a button for Shaded, and I finally got it done! You can grab my button right off the sidebar  to display on your blog and add to your bloglist (please do!!!) and let the world know about this story going on here in this blog! Just copy paste the html in the box onto your blog's HTML gadget... I would like to say thanks to Kimberly at All About Kimberly for her tutorial on how to make these buttons (I'm no good at HTML), and also to my regular stock providers from the awesome DeviantArt whom I've credited at the bottom! Enjoy your weekend!!

I am currently accepting requests for blog header artworks as well as button making artworks. It's for free, all you have to do is put my blog on your bloglist. Please feel free to contact me at fictionflaire(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment here. Artworks will resemble the ones in my gallery in terms of quality (it's really quite good quality, I hope)


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