Dark Art and Paranormal Romance

The purpose of this artwork is double! One is participating in a competition for amateur art designers by a new and upcoming digital art magazine. The theme of it is Digital Haunting, and I thought I would do something like this! Truth be told, it’s a little inspired by the cover of Anna Dressed in Blood, but of course, it’s a different picture altogether, and I did spend a considerable amount of time cutting the house and the model from their backgrounds!
Again, I may use this for my new story in progress (mind-progress, I’m writing Shaded by hand and also typing it) which I will call- for now- “SHAHNOI” after the town in the story. It’s a paranormal fiction, but I’ve steered far from vampires, demons, angels and werewolves.

SHAHNOI description:

Ru Rennan came to the Shahnoi Valley with the carnival that only comes once in every twenty years. He has no past, no present and no foreseeable future. He is a young man with only his name for comfort, and a way of arresting everyone who speaks to him. He is the carnival’s freak- predicting easily what’s in everyone’s pockets, reading minds, reading feelings.
He is the only one who stayed behind as the town’s newest permanent resident in one hundred years. He is the only one who knows that the ghost who haunts Shahnoi, the Dark Nevvie, is no ghost. He is the only one who sees what she is protecting. He is the only one who understands.
Nevvie doesn’t know what to think of Ru. After almost one hundred years of a solitary, terrifyingly lonely existence…will he put an end to her longing for company, or will he end her existence forever, as she has feared for over hundred years?

Tell me what you think! Should I write this?


  1. YES! The artwork and writing is just beautiful. Rock out.

  2. This sounds totally....FASCINATING!!! I would DEFINITELY encourage you to write it!! Knock yourself out, girl!!! : )

  3. The art you posted could definitely win the contest. It reminds me of so many pastoral (famous) paintings I've seen in art shows and it tugs on the emotions.

  4. Wow, yes! Definitely interesting!

  5. @ Natasha, Maria and Aylee : Thank you guys! I'll post the writing soon :)
    @ Tami: yayy! Thank you, I was trying to make it emo!


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