Who am I?

Varsha Dinesh is a girl with way too many hobbies for one person to have. She's 19, lives on that small green spot you see in the map of India right here.
She loves reading books, writing books and occassionally listening to books while walking around on a random collision course. She will be very happy if you are a publisher/agent willing to contact her at varshadinesh92@rediffmail.com, or even if you're a self-published author wanting a book cover or a button or ..or anything related to books and art. She's good at photoshop. No, really. 


1) Anything by Neil Gaiman or Angela Carter. She is a sucker for surrealism, so a Magritte painting or a book by Aimee Bender is an equally good substitute.

2) Any perfume/potion/concoction by Black Alchemy Phoenix Lab. She loves them so much that she saves each webpage of the site and reads the descriptions first thing in the morning when she wakes, and last thing at night before she sleeps. Nothing inspires her more than BPAL's crafty perfume descriptions.

3) Tickets for any immersive theatre performance. She wants to see Macbeth or Masque of Red Death by Punchdrunk so badly it's almost a physical ache.

Varsha means "rain" in Hindi and she was named this way because she was born to a background score of heavy rain and thunder on an April night in 1992. Which makes her 20 years old. Just so you know.

She's from India, Kerala in India, and if you look it up you will see that it is very, very green.

The one place she wants to go to the most is Istanbul (there is no reason for this) and the one thing she wants to see the most is the Grand Canyon (or maybe Macchu Picchu, or the Amazon, it changes a lot)

At any point in time she will have ONE OBSESSION that drives her crazy: if it's not Harry Potter, it's Tsubasa Chronicles, if not that then it's Supernatural, if not that then it's The Daughter of Smoke and Bone, if not that then Lisbeth Salander. She obsesses.

Sometimes she uses words like "chronic"  and "immaculate" in casual speak and is embarrassed when people give her the "oh, you're such a dictionary" look.

She is easy to embarrass, but it's difficult to get her to admit it.

She wishes more people she actually knew would read her blog.

She read Stephen King at a very impressionable age and that has steered her writing into a darker side of fantasy. She continues to love Stephen King.

Her greatest ambition is to write a book that she herself will love forever.

Unlike most people, she likes short stories more than novels. Vignettes more than short stories. Photographs most of all.

She is a horrendous artist but loves art.

If she could have one wish, she'd wish for just a tiny peek into her future. Just a tiny, eensy-weensy peek.

Her favorite word in the English language is "ineffable."

Her favorite color is blue.
These are a list of her other favorite things:

~ Her tiny family. (Oh, we are a book-loving, dance-through-life, laugh-a-lot, friendly bunch.)
~ Anything with chocolate in it.
~ Any book with magic in it.
~ Disney princesses. (Come on, it's hard not to love The Little Mermaid or Tangled.)

~ U2. Oasis. Coldplay. Pearl Jam. Poets of the Fall. Muse. Tori Amos. Florence+the Machine. John Mayer.
   Led Zeppelin. Survivor. America. AC/ DC (when I'm in the mood for it). The Corrs. Evanescence. Linkin Park. Greenday.Yanni. Malayalam music. Carnatic classical music. She listens to everything and loves a little bit of every genre. If it's music, bring it on.

~ Bite-sized short stories.
~ Novel-shaped packages of fairy magic.
~ Sherlock Holmes
~ Anime
~ Harry Potter
~ Stuff related to circuses, dreams, perfumes, descriptions of perfumes (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab) and bungee jumpers with broken necks(don't ask)
~ Stock Images of regular people who dress up in ridiculous costumes.
~ Supernatural (the word and all it implies, as well as the CW show.)
~ Fan Fiction that does outrageous things in completely sensible ways.
~ Rainy days with nothing scheduled.
~ Oreos
~ Theatrical productions where she doesn't have to wear a stick-on beard that makes her sneeze.
~ 70s music
~ Singing loud and crazy improvisations with the band that is not a band yet.
~ Laughing with friends especially over things that don't make a bit of sense.
~ Laughing, period.
~ Finishing a story with as much excitement as she had when she started it.
~ Doing nothing for an entire day but dreaming.
~ Travelling.
~ Trains.
~ Hugging. Hugging, really hard.
~ Baby pictures of babies that isn't her.
~ Exotic sounding names she will never use for any character but still love to simply chant.
~ Color. COLOR, oh, the joy of color.

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  1. Hi. Beyond telling us about the girl-likes-boy thing ... did you like this book: "Shaded?" From your description, the review could have been about the first Twilight book. Was this one any different?

    Love the emotion your blog design emits. (I stopped by the other day.) Subscribed. Please RTF.

    ~ Tami

  2. Hi! Thanks for that, it does sound awfully like Twilight doesn't it? I'm going to get a better description soon...I hope :)

  3. Hi Varsha, love ur blog and discription about urself.
    New Follower here, please check out my blog sometime :D shahnila x

  4. Oh wow, you like Tsubasa Chronicles, you are hereby deemed awesome xD


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