Bookshelves, Bookshelves, oh my!

So my shelves are all filled! With my little brother and I both buying books left and right, being gifted books, and showered with books from all sides (we are notorious bookworms, I think) our shelves are full. Believe me, this is no simple feat. We have four built-in glass-door wall shelves, two large metal shelves and a smaller wooden shelf in the Library, one blue cutesy shelf in my room and one in my brother's, and there is no place to keep the new books. They're sitting on the floor! (If I could find my camera, I'd photograph them for you!) So we need a new shelf. And while getting one seems unlikely right now (we've just bought a lot of other furniture) looking at glorious bookshelves can't hurt.


I would totally love this one. But more for CDs maybe?

So neat!

Yin- Yang. Aren't you gorgeous?

squee!! Blue shelves!

Gasp, more blue!
Now, for the insanely awesome stuff:

Gasp! Can't be real.
No way. I refuse to believe.
(Oh my pretty!)

Want want want!
Need need need!

Holy hell!

swoon-worthy. also, something that seems right out of Twilight.

i love you. i do.
Maybe next week I'll actually blog about something useful. (Not that this isn't useful. It is. It inspires me to get rich, or get really, really artistic, or get a really, really artistic carpentry-loving, book-adoring friend)
For now, eye-candy galore.
For more (actually buyable) and bloody awesome bookshelves, check out one of my favorite eye-candy furniture stores that will never ship anything to India, Fabulous and Baroque
Have a great Sunday.



  1. I want very single one of those! Absolutely amazing!

    1. I swear, some people call it bookshelf porn. I know why :)

  2. oh, o so want the 6th one!!! seriously!!

    1. Yeah, I know! I should get, like, a house in the midst of a forest or something just so I can do walls like these. And that country should also have a very, very low crime rate since I wouldn't want my precious glass walls to shatter :D

  3. I really like the one that looks like they took a closet and built a little reading nook- with the shelves and day bed - type thing. Wonderful looking place to actually spend the day reading.

    I also really like the outdoor one- over looking the courtyard. Kind of reminds me of the setup of one of the public libraries where I grew up! The books were all indoors, of course, but many of the library's rooms had doors to the outside. And you could take books from the shelves and read outside. It was more like a 19th century house converted into a library than an institutional type library design. I miss it.

    1. Yeah, it was an unused closet that got turned into a bookshelf. Awesome idea, right?
      And that is such a perfect idea of a library! I do love old, dusty, dark libraries but I can imagine- a garden and trees and fresh air and reading a good book...oh, heaven!

  4. those are all awesome book shelves! There isn't one up there I don't love!

    I'm a new follower from book blogs.

    Keep in touch

  5. If only... lol I would love those bookshelves!

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  6. Wow. I want these!! All of them... :)

  7. Oh those bookshelves are amazing. I love the 7th bookshelf. You could hide away in there all day :)

  8. I love almost all of these! Why do some people get to have amazing bookshleves like that? The only ones I've ever had were plain :) Whatever, I kind of have an obsession with that ladders and bookshelves combo. I bet it's the most inconvenient thing in the world but I'd die to have my books up in the air :D

    1. Yeah, mine too! I want to hoard up a nest egg so I can get one of these sometime in the future.


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