Cover Crazy: The Curse Workers by Holly Black

I heart the Curse Workers series by Holly Black. 
Who wouldn't? Cassel Sharpe, the male protagonist, is an awesome character full of vulnerabilities and with a facade of bad-boy badassery, there is magic and lots of it, and then there are cigarillo smoking Godfather type men in suits and carrying guns. Come on. 
Curses and con. Magic and the mob. 
This series is just irresistible.
There are different covers for the Curse Workers series- the publishers are really ripping through those alternate covers- and in my opinion, the newest batch is the best yet. (Although the first batch captures the mafia look much better)
Here's what I call the "first batch":

Then there are these, the UK covers, which look sort of Gaiman-ish and awesome (Black Heart reminds me of Rowling's illustration in Tales of Beedle the Bard for The Warlock's Hairy Heart) but had me thinking of fairy tales the first time I saw them:

AND now these.

 These are incredibly good-looking, but I think the first batch fits the series better. Still, I would love to own the newest set because it's just...eye candy, if eye candy had the exact flavor of the world's best dark chocolate served melted, with a sprinkling of brilliantly colored and perfectly edible crystals...damn, now I'm hungry. There is a word for this kinda art, but I can't remember it right now. My brain is screwed from all the exams I've been writing. Anyway, BLACK HEART is finally out. Yayy :) Gotta buy over the net, because none of the bookstores in my city has any book by Holly Black except for the Spiderwick Chronicles (I shudder)


  1. I have no idea why they changed the covers so many times, but I do like all three versions! The last one is probably my favourite. ;)

  2. I like all of these versions, but I just wish publishers would stop changing covers midway through a series! I guess I'm just anal about having all my book covers match and now they never will.

    1. Yeah, true. That pisses me off- books look so much better when they're all lined up with matching jackets!

  3. This is a great series. I can't wait to read Black Heart. I really love the first covers the most. I'm really not fond of the new ones.

    1. Actually, me too! I love the mafia look of the first ones. But they could have done a better photograph for Black Heart.

    2. I totally agree. It freaks me out that sometimes even the sizes dont match. Rick Riordan books are plagued by that.

    3. Helen: OMG what a coincidence! I was just cribbing about that today. I have the whole Percy Jackson series and they look odd with different sizes, really. Plus the Artemis Fowl books. They change the covers so many times I can't even bother myself to do a post on them.


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