Indie Authors! Look over here!

There's a bit of ranting in the beginning but I'm going to get to the actual stuff VERY SOON.

Ah. Guess what time it is- it's STUDY HOLIDAYS again! Which means that it's VACATION. Really, who studies during study holidays? Me and my friends are utilizing it to the maximum for fun! Basically, I wake up everyday to rains (guess what ,Bella Swan? It rains more here than in Forks) and find that the road in front of my house is a little more washed away than the day before. Then I start writing, or reading. Then I sleep. I'm worse than Sid the Sloth right now. At least he does something in the time he's awake. I'm just walking in some kind of happy little daze everyday, the whole day. 

An Art Website of mine is coming up soon- and you know what, authors? I will be doing book covers and promotional images for FREE for the first month. Which means all you Indie authors who need a book cover or a promo image, buttons or template designs or just little little stuff to promote your awesome books, can soon get these stuff for free!!!!!
This website will probably be up this week or the next, so stay tuned!
The basic purpose here is to help out independent or self-published authors. I've seen some awesome books with terrible covers, and most Indie publishing houses don't have really good cover-designers. Even if they do, they need to be paid money, sometimes unfair amounts for the work they do.
So stay tuned guys, and I'll update you all soon!


  1. New follower. I'll be watching for your new website link. I'm very interested!

  2. This sounds exciting! I have always enjoyed graphic design myself, but I will likely find someone else to do the cover for my book, since I would like for it to be more professional than what I am likely to produce!

    Mine is far from complete, so I won't be able to take advantage of the freebies, but I look forward to seeing some of your work on the new site. Maybe you can assist me when the time comes (I will be glad to be a paying customer for the right artist!).

    I recently started following your blog; if you have a chance, please take a look at mine and follow if it seems interesting!


  3. Thank you so much for commenting, Talia and Tommy. I'm glad you think it's a nice venture.


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